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Photochromic Bifocal Cycling Glasses

Don't compromise your vision when you ride. Choose quality sunglasses today! Instant photochromic lenses are able to change from clear to dark in response to different light intensities, providing 100% UV protection even on the brightest days. The brighter the  sunlight, the darker the lens. Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses provide top notch optics and exceptional clarity with no distortion or color aberrations for all day comfort. Free shipping available worldwide!

Enjoy the freedom of both clear and tinted vision with these great new options from Cycling Glasses Australia. The wrapped Bifocal lenses, in high-quality and popular cycling glasses brands, offer great protection from bugs and dirt, whilst at the same time being able to correct near vision to up to +2.50 diopters. 

Cyclists are more likely to experience eye fatigue when out on the roads for longer periods of time. To help combat this, cycling glasses with photochromic lenses will keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays while still being able to see clearly in all conditions.

Great Cycling Glasses At Great Prices

Cycling Glasses Australia features cycling glasses from popular and trusted brands, such as SH+ and Tifosi.