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Photochromic Cycling Sports Readers you can wear all day

Near-invisible bifocal readers that change colour with light levels.
UV protection, Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.

Our bifocal glasses help if:

You've forgotten to carry your reading glasses

You need to fix something on your bike

You want to check a message on your phone

You want to see your cyclemeter, powermeter or Garmin clearly

You want to read the menu at your local café

You want to choose your own bifocal strength

How do they work?

These bifocals are for people with good distance vision, but who need glasses to read. They have a magnification section at the bottom, just tilt your eyes down to read!

They also reduce glare by changing colour depending on the light conditions meaning you can wear them all day long.

With 100% UV resistant lenses made from polycarbonate, our eyes are always protected from the sun and any sticks, stones, flies or grit that may come your way.

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What is the normal process:

Choose one of our frames (or use your own)

Choose your bifocal strength (+1.50, +2.00 or +2.50)

Your glasses are shipped the next day

These sunglasses flaunt their strong Italian styling with plenty of finesse. The quality of the lenses is very good and approaches that of higher-priced brands. The frames are light and comfortable, and the arms are short enough that they won’t interfere when worn with a helmet. Overall, these glasses are well-priced, especially the photochromic version, and very easy to wear.

Perfect for Riding. Perfect for Reading